1. Program in Integrative Medicine Clinic

    Physicians at this clinic offer specialized services combining conventional and complementary medicine to women, children, and people with cancer or health problems. Specialists at this clinic include those in women’s health, pediatrics, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Current NIH-funded research focuses on homeopathy and stress.

    The University of Arizona
    1501 N. Campbell Ave
    Tucson, AZ
    Tel: 520-694-8888 x500 Fax: 520-626-6484

  2. The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Founded in 1993, this center evaluates traditional therapies and seeks to integrate them with Western treatments. Emphasis is on physician education and clinical trials. The center is especially known for its research on women’s health and courses on integrative pain management and botanical medicine in modern clinical practice. This center is NIH-funded to focus on CAM treatments for aging and women’s health.

    Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons
    630 W. 168th Street, Box 75
    New York, NY 10032
    Tel: 212-342-0101 Fax: 212-342-0100
    Director: Fredi Kronenberg, MD, e-mail: fk11@columbia.edu

  3. Southwest College Research Institute

    This research center conducts NIH-funded projects and collaborates with area colleges as well. Research projects include basic science, clinical trials, public health, epidemiological studies, and quality assurance of herbal products. Most current programs are investigating the effects of dietary supplements or nutrition on certain health outcomes. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic and allopathic physicians are available.

    2140 E. Broadway Road
    Tempe, AZ 85282
    Tel: 480-858-9100
    E-mail: medicalcenter@scnm.edu http://www.medcenter.scnm.edu/